Saturday, 18 March 2017

1st ringing session complete!

Today it was a windy and blustery day and I didn't know if we would get the go ahead for bird ringing. But thankfully at a watered down time of 7:45 AM, we arrived and began checking the nets with the other members. At first site we caught a Great Tit and a Long Tailed Tit. After taking measurements of the birds we released them (you could actually feel their heartbeat) and a warming drink we checked again after about 20 mins. We did this a lot round Whixall Moss. In the end we got 1 Great Tit, 3 Long Tailed Tits, 2 Blue Tits, 1 Goldcrest, 1 Blackbird and the first Chiffchaff of spring which has actually just come back from Africa (probably Senigal). Can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

London lifers

Sorry for not posting for such a while but this half term we went to London and unfortunately the placed we stayed in did not have wifi so I haven't had time to post from kindle or phone (My data had run out) so the only small tweaks I could do was my list so those sharp-eyed majority of you might have spotted Barnacle Goose, Smew (wild not from collection) and Ring-necked Parakeet, a London speciality. 3 lifers in a city! I mean it was great. Good weather and lots of attractions, like Madame Tussaurds and the London Eye (great for spotting passing cormorants)! Although there were lots of crows, magpies, the odd woodpigeon in a sea of townies (feral pigeons) and quite a few robins there yet distinct lack of garden birds in the parks around the city. On Thursday, the day storm Doris hit, we found a jay - a real moment of joy - and nearly got swept into the serpentine! One of the best days however was my day!!!!

On my day we went to the London Wetlands Centre and saw a wide array of different birds, wild and tame and the cutest little otters. We even saw a wild bittern! A robin hung round while we ate subway sandwiches (mine was meatball) and crisps and drinks! A beautiful variety of gulls and geese, swans and other waterfowl. It was an amazing day and an amazing holiday!!!!!

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Whixall Moss

It was a freezing day and even birding isn't very nice when it is lashing it down you can't see because the wind is blowing your hair in your face. We first tried the flooded fields but unfortunately there was not even a mallard on there! We walked onto the moss and still nothing. A few hardy robins and a couple of blackbirds and a nice flock of starlings. We enjoyed a few moments of Long-tailed tits and a beautiful Tree creeper along with a small group of Goldfinches. Then we went home because it was so cold. A nice buzzard was seen. Sorry for such a small write up and hopefully you'll read my other posts which are lot more interesting than this! ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸฆSian
A wet Whixall Moss, not today but just as bad!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Venus Pool part2 and the big 150!

So I'm sure yesterday you were probably wondering why on earth I would put part 1 on when I didn't even explain what it was about. So anyway what this is about is that this morning we got up a 6.45 left at 7.05 and got there at 7.34. There were no Bewick's Swan as I hoped but a spectacular Swan flyover (mute) made up for it and a couple of rambunctious coots gave another rendition of 'Coot wars and Geese cops' as fights and calls filled the cold and unfortunately foggy morning air. We decided to walk on till we got to the hide with the birds in to try and see the Brambling but as one of my French teachers would have said 'close but no cigar'. Anyway we moved onto the members hide and a delightful Winter plumaged Little Grebe was keeping us on are toes, when out of the blue the window of the hide fell down and hit me on the head. Then my mum knocked the flask over. It wasn't exactly are finest moment! We went back to the first hide and after a patient wait eventually we saw 2 female Bramblings!!!So now I've officially seen my 150 birds and I am SO  excited! I'm on my way to 200, very slowly but finally getting somewhere. And it was on my new year lifer list(bonus ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ) so now I'm ready!! Let that be a lesson to you; 1) never ever give up and 2) always secure the windows in the hide before looking!
It was really hard to tell the Chaffinch from the Brambling far away, though this picture was easy enough! (Chaffinch)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Venus Pool part1

So today we went to Venus Pool and we were trying to see a Brambling but really we went to have a nice walk and obviously seeing birds would be good as well. A beautiful clear morning it really felt like Spring was on it's way. After a delicious picnic watching Yellowhammers (what's better?) we headed down and there was plenty of action with turf wars, flight of swans, hissing and fights between geese springing up. A pair of Teal were doing a courtship dance and so were a pair of mallards. In fact it was very busy and it was hard to find a seat in the hides. A stoat nears the SOS members hide entertained us for a while, darting along the hedge line and a Coot attacked a poor Teal round the neck. Was it because the Teal was cheeking his elders? Was it 'The coot family' special where Tim the Teal has pooed on Mrs K Coot immaculate Lawn? We'll never know but it's a lot more exciting than just saying that it was a small territory disagreement.
A mallard flapping it's wings!

Burton Mere Wetlands

Again sorry for being late again but such a busy weekend. I hope you are enjoying my posts and I'm not boring you to near death.  So without further ado I'll actually do a post instead of nattering!
A gorgeous Robin which was really tame.
The day started slightly rainy and cold and that didn't really change a all during the remainder of the day. There wasn't much in the main hide, a couple of waders but mainly a mix of Mallards, Shoveler, Teal and Lapwing mixed with a couple of geese. It was cold and wintery and a few hardy birders that did venture out were left shivering and disappointed. The second hide proved a Bar and Black Tailed Godwit and Reed Bunting. Before we got there we saw a lovely heron. Unfortunately no Kingfisher. We headed onto the Inner Marsh Farm Hide and it was there after my dad spotted a Reed Bunting I spotted a Stonechat. It was a gorgeous male, with that lovely russet and deep black. After gushing about him for the next couple of minutes, the cloud which had been holding the rain back for 30 minutes, erupted and the heavens opened. Through the rain I could see something moving. Intitially I thought a blue tit but it was much to small, and way to quick. As we got closer we saw they were Goldcrest, something I've only ever seen at Delamere Forest (January 2017) and once at my bus stop. Apart from on the way back when we saw another 5, and the Stonechat bird wise it was quite good, and the sausage sandwich was amazing to!!!!
๐Ÿฆ Sian

Friday, 27 January 2017


So again I want to just say I'm not feeling great about my new years lifer list because it's very nearly February and I have only ticked off one species and that is of course the pint-sized Goldcrest, which you've probably seen on Winterwatch along with Avocets, Cranes, Moths, Spiders, Dartford Warblers and of course, the foxes, and the awesome Sika deer. I'm hoping to add at least a Pink-footed goose before March so hopefully if we go to the Wirral I might see it.
The new feeder at the house!

We've got some new feeders and it is awesome so hopefully it will do good before the Great Garden Birdwatch. Please sign up, it is so important  to the populations research to help are garden birds. Can't wait to get started!